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This ramp is suitable for low-floor buses. It is fitted under the floor in the passenger door. When the ramp extends fully to the end position, rises automatically to eliminate the slope.

The EWR ramp is designed with a very simple system of manufacture and operation in order to minimize both the initial cost , as the possible failures causes and therefore the after-sales costs.

The EWR ramp meets all the requirements of existing regulations on safety, sensitivity point, sensitivity of tread, etc, and its electronic allows to interface with the bus scheduled to perform all necessary functions.

A great advantage over other ramps is that in case of power failure the ramp EWR can also be easily used as manual ramp, avoiding the immobilization of the vehicle and allowing access of PRM.

Technical data / Dimensions:

  • Ramp measures: 1065mm long x 1008mm width
  • Lifting capacity: 350kg
  • Own weight: 45kg


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