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Gobel 300

“Fully automatic” sliding lift that by means of a two-button box makes all the movements to get in and out of the cassette and to go up to the seat floor and down to the ground. At the same time, by operating this button-box, the handrails will open and close and the flaps of the platform will fold and unfold to let the wheelchair get in and out.

  • Compact with smooth and silent movements.
  • Lifting capacity 300 kg.
  • Two security handrails.
  • Minimum step to access the platform.
  • Equipped with detection and safety system.
  • Locked inside the cassette (by an automatic latch)
  • Interconnected with the bus, complies with all regulations (Machinery Directive, CE Directives, Annex VII of the Directive2001/85 EC, etc)
  • Emergency handpump.

It is a lift designed with the aim to allow wheelchair users the access into the buses, maximizing the security and their easy use, with both normal operation and emergency conditions.

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