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Wheelchair Tie-downs


4 Point Webbing System (Ref. W-120)

The systems use fixed length front straps and fully adjustable rear straps.

  • The four point webbing restraint system is a simple yet effective method to secure wheelchairs during transport.
  • The two rear straps are fully adjustable due to the simple over centre buckle mechanism which can be easily tensioned for maximum security.
  • The two front straps are fitted with a tongue and buckle to facilitate easy operation.
  • All standard wheelchair restraint systems are using red webbing to provide high visibility for the drivers or carers.
  • It can be installed in both M1 and M2.




Quattro System (Ref. Q/2K)

The standard, retractable system with manual tensioning mechanism to secure chairs during transit.

  • The wheelchair restraint incorporates a left and right tensioning handle to easily secure the wheelchair during transport.
  • The Standard Quattro comes with either a sleek silver metal housing or the newly designed plastic cover with built-in release button and a very strong housing reel for ease of operation and handling.
  • The Standard Quattro now uses red webbing to provide high visibility for the drivers and carers.
  • It can be installed in M1, M2 and M3.

All the Quattro systems have been dynamically tested to sustain a wheelchair weight of up to 120kg, and therefore becoming more compatible to a wider range of wheelchair designs.


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