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DH-RB Lifts


The Tuck-under lift DH-RB is specially designed for coaches, to help wheelchair users board and leave the coach in a comfortable and safe manner, or to load and unload wheelchairs and other packages into the centre aisle of the coach.

In the travelling position, the lifting mechanism is fully store away and concealed inside the body of the vehicle. The ingenious construction of the lifting mechanism, enables us to reduce the necessary overhang for lifting to a minimum.

General specifications:

  • Light aluminium platform, aesthetically lined, and invisibly stored away under the vehicle floor.
  • 2 side safety gates on the platform, with automatic locking in the vertical position.
  • Automatic roller restraint stops fitted to the point of the platform.
  • Reduced overhang, adapted for most types of coaches including those with rear engines.
  • 1 lift cylinder and 2 fixed stabilisers for the tilt.
  • Automatic memorised platform tilt at ground level.
  • Opening and closing of the platform is reinforced by springs.
  • Synthetic roller to protect the platform on the ground.

Hydraulic specifications:

  • Cylinder piston rods in chromed stainless steel (INOX)
  • Electrical safety valve on the lift cylinder.
  • Emergency operation on all electrovalves.
  • Compact power pack with Boise-dampening cover.
  • Pressure compensating breaking valve for “lowering”.
  • Handpump for emergency operation.

Technical specifications:

  • Standard platform dimensions: 1380 x 800 mm. (DxW)(other dimensions possible upon request)
  • Lifting height: from 1250 to max. 1800 mm.
  • Length of lift armas: 760 / 820 / 940 1000 mm. (armlength adjustable to loading floor height)
  • Necessary overhang at chassis: ca. 620 mm.
  • Proper weight: from ca. 180 kg. onwards.

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